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February 1, 2022


Youth Action on Climate Change:


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Role of Young People in the Fight Against Climate Change

Young people, wherever they live, face one common problem: Climate Change. Climate change is likely to colour every part of their lives — from the jobs, they hold to where they spend their holidays.

As extreme weather events become more common, young people are looking at new and meaningful ways to influence climate policy and inspire change. The new generation of climate activists is now engaging directly with policy and power structures.

The Green Days 2022 we will give young people across Montenegro a voice and a space to propose ideas and concrete actions to address climate change.  It will provide the youth with an opportunity to collaborate, ask questions and exchange opinions with decision-makers – through interactive panels and Q&A sessions.

At #GreenDays2022 youth representatives in Montenegro will discuss topics important for our future with leading climate experts, government officials, national policymakers from various sectors, as well as representatives of international organizations, academia, and civil society.


As the dust settles on COP26 it is clear that the climate crisis is not going to be prevented by inter-governmental negotiation.

Where is Montenegro after COP26? What concrete activities will lead us on a safe path towards the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans?

Responsible national policies, along with ambitious Action plans, are key to combating climate change. Montenegro's decision to cut GHG emissions by 35% by 2030 is a decisive step in that direction, although an even more ambitious goal is both – desirable & possible.



Opinion of the Montenegrin Youth on Climate Change

Worried. Anxious. Ready to act. That’s how most young people, aged 18-29, said climate change made them feel in a recent UNDP Survey. It revealed a growing “climate anxiety” among the respondents.

Youth play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future, and it is critical to empower their voices on the climate crisis and their participation in addressing climate change. Youth across Montenegro have unique experiences of how climate change is impacting them and their communities. They are eager to share their personal stories about why they care about climate change and the actions they are taking to address the climate crisis.

Youth is Everywhere

Young people are the least to blame for climate change – and the most vulnerable to its effects. At UNDP, we are dedicated to helping young people take action to protect their future and the future of our planet. We help raise youth voices on the climate crisis and increase their participation to address climate change.

It’s time to give youth a real say

We have met some of Montenegro’s dedicated young climate activists to hear about their goals and worries.



What Youth can do to Fight Climate Change

#GreenDays2022 provides just that opportunity for young people – to have their voices heard about the climate crisis and to take seriously their involvement in tackling climate change.

What do young people think about the climate crisis? Are we all prepared for bold climate action? Are we ready to change our usual behaviour patterns to join forces in the fight against climate change?

These are only some of the questions to ask at the already traditional #GreenDays2022 Conference – organized in partnership with the Government of Montenegro, the Chamber of Commerce & the UNDP.

Ask decisionmakers

Seniors who hold the reins of political, economic, and intellectual power today – must listen to these voices of change.

Listening to the young is the key component of the dialogue and we are building a conversation between young people, government officials, representatives of international organisations, academia and civil society.

The majority of young people today think they are not given enough opportunities to put their ideas into action, although they have a strong awareness of the importance of climate change and a great desire to contribute to its resolution.
We have recognized Youth as a key driver of positive change, and we strive to empower them and involve them in all future activities and discussions on climate change.

Climate change in pictures

The climate shocks underlying drought, flood, heat stress, fires, sea-level rise, storm damage, pests and other impacts are expected to become more frequent and intense unless adaptation and mitigation are incorporated meaningfully and quickly into development policies and investments.

Our world is at a crossroads – it is getting warmer and is not ready for the increasingly frequent climate changes that cause extreme events such as tropical heat waves, forest fires, storms, floods, and soil erosion. Montenegro is no exception. Changes are happening here as well. We are clearing our forests (deforestation), overfishing, emitting carbon through excessive construction activities, polluting our rivers – leaving younger generations with huge environmental bills and economic costs.

Dear World Leaders

Watch messages from people all over the world on how climate change is affecting them.


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